About Loren

What started as me joining a Pilates class to regain some core strength after having children became a complete turnaround in my career and my views in what a job is. So not only did my posture improve dramatically my entire body toned up and I became stronger than I ever thought possible the most incredible of all was the path that has lead me to found Soul Barre.


I have taught thousands of people in thousands of Pilates and Barre classes and this allowed me to develop a method that I know will work for my customers. I’m aware your time is valuable and I make sure to make the most of the hour you choose to spend with me, I’m grateful for the chance to spend it with you! Often people will comment on how fast the class goes, and this is my intention, most importantly I want you to enjoy your time.

I’ve studied in Pilates, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Wellness Coaching and High Intensity Interval Training to ensure I can provide you with a safe and effective class. I also have a personal interest in spirituality, the powers of the universe, positive thinking and raising our personal vibration through every decision we make in our lives, from what we eat to the products we purchase, how we treat the world and who we spend time with, I like to share all of these things in my classes!

I’m passionate about building strong self-belief in my clients, self-belief is the key to achieving your goals and dreams, and if first don’t believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter I believe in you and over time as you connect to your body and become stronger in the physical body you will start to feel stronger and more capable than ever before from the inside out.