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Soul Barre classes are deigned to challenge you. Soul Barre combines dynamic pilates, ballet inspired fitness exercise, yoga and some interval training which provide fast results, in improving strength, endurance, overall body toning, with an emphasis on core strength and posture. Soul Barre works the tiny supporting muscles to tighten your body, lift your behind and pull everything in, and you will start to feel stronger and see a change in your body after as little as 3 classes.

Soul Barre classes cater for all levels, we provide modifications and we encourage you to listen and connect to your own body, so that you can choose to take the class to the level that suits you, unless offcourse you’re a regular client, we may give you some loving encouragement to challenge you further! Not only will your body transform but so will your soul as you learn at the barre you are stronger and more capable than your thought. If you are new to exercise we recommend you take a few Pilates Mat before progressing to Barre.

We cater to all ages, shape sizes, and genders. We can modify and work around specific concerns so please get in touch.

Please talk to us if you have any questions, or physical limitations and we will recommend the best class for you. Always remember – this is your practice the best teacher resides within you, we ask you listen to your body and adjust your practice to suit your own needs.