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At Soul Barre our Pilates classes are dynamic and slightly faster than your traditional Pilates. Pilates has a strong focus on engaging the core muscles with every exercise, you will build core strength quicker than you imagined, your posture will improve and you will work muscles in your body that you didn’t know you had! Pilates is known for its incredible results, you start to stand taller and stronger even after one class.

At Soul Barre we mix it up on the mat you will always feel interested and challenged, no class is ever the same and we add small equipment and props to the class as required. As you begin to improve your core strength and connect to your body your Pilates practice actually becomes harder! This is why people practice Pilates their entire lives and still feel challenged and inspired. Be careful, Pilates at Soul Barre is addictive!

Please talk to us if you have any questions, or physical limitations and we will recommend the best class for you. Always remember – this is your practice the best teacher resides within you, we ask you listen to your body and adjust your practice to suit your own needs.